People Who Apply for Amex Hilton Business Are Approved for Personal Cards Instead

Something weird is going on with applications for the increased bonus on the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card. This is for the 125K bonus plus the $50 statement credit offer that you get through a dummy booking.

amex business hilton approved wrong card

People who applied for the Amex Hilton Business card are getting approved for one of the personal Hilton cards, either the no-fee card that has a 75K bonus or the Ascend card that has a 100K bonus. There’s already a few data points on this Reddit thread. So far, Amex reps are confused and there seems to be no easy fix once this happens.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The reason this matter is that people are applying for the Business Hilton card so it doesn’t show up on their personal credit report. This is a big issue for those who are trying to stay under 5/24. If you get approved for one of the personal cards, instead of the business version, and you’re at 4/24, now you’re out of luck.

You might also end up with no bonus at all if you’ve previously had the personal card you get approved for.

I would suggest waiting for now, until this issue clears up.

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