Amex Enhances Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

When we read about changes from credit card issuers, we usually fear the worst. Most changes are negative or restrictive. So this news from American Express is a bit rare nowadays. Travel with Grant reported that Amex will be making changes to purchase protection and extended warranty terms. And both changes are making these perks better.

Amex Enhances Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty


The extended warranty will be extended up to two additional years depending on the original manufacturer warranty. The maximum extended warranty is currently just 1 year. Effective, August 1, if the original warranty is for 2-5 years, Amex will extend it another two years. Also effective August 1st, purchase protection is extended from 90 days to 120.

Another small change is coming to Amex Blue Cash Cards, this one minor, but still positive as well. Currently you need to redeem cash back in increments of $25. Starting August 1st, you can redeem any amount over $25.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

The extended warranty and purchase protection enhancement should be good news for Amex cardholders. Getting an extra year of warranty is great. But don’t forget to take advantage of these perks. Most people usually forget they exist.

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