Ebates Freezing Accounts and Clawing Back Office Depot Cashback

Ebates offers in-store cashback at some merchants. One of the merchants eligible for in-store cash back in Office Depot and OfficeMax. You will earn 3% on your purchases made at any of their locations. This used to be unlimited, but it was later capped to $5 per transaction. This change in terms has probably something to do with multiple gift card offers at Office Depot and OfficeMax recently. Sometimes those purchases track, even though they’re excluded.

Office Depot gift card deal

This are the terms of Office Depot and OfficeMax in-store cashback:

Earn Cash Back when you shop with your linked card at all participating Office Depot stores. Maximum Cash Back per qualifying transaction is $5.00. Debit card purchases must be processed as credit in order to be eligible for Cash Back. When using your debit card, do not enter your PIN. Offer not valid for gift card purchases. In-Store offers not valid for online purchases and may not be combined with other Ebates rewards. US stores only. Offer not valid at locations in US territories. Offer may be displayed on multiple websites but is redeemable only once per qualifying transaction.

Frozen Ebates Accounts and Clawbacks

Now Shawn at  Miles to Memories reports that some Ebates accounts that had received cashback for Visa Gift card purchases at Office Depot are frozen. People are getting errors when trying to log in and were told by reps that their accounts were referred for handling to another department. An explanation for the frozen account that was sent by email says that account has been secured by their risk department due to a number of ineligible orders from Office Depot and OfficeMax.

Some accounts have already been activated, but cashback earned from Office Depot and OfficeMax was clawed back. That’s not only cashback earned on Visa gift card purchases, but all cashback earned in-store at that merchant.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

It’s understandable that Office Depot and Ebates don’t want to pay out for ineligible purchases such as gift cards. But it’s also wrong for them to take away cashback for all purchases, even eligible ones. Customers shouldn’t be responsible to self police and make sure they don;t purchase ineligible items with a card where they have added the Ebates in-store cashback offer. Hopefully they fix this so cashback back is awarded properly for eligible purchases.

Were you affected by this?

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