Hurry! $2 Off 10 Rides OR $5 Off 2 Rides

Update: Also use code TWOOFFTEN.

Uber has a new discount code that could save you some money on your next two rides.Take up to $5 off the next 2 rides (or $2 off your next 10 rides) – promo code: FIVEOFFTWO. Hurry and add it to your account. These codes usually don’t last long.

uber discount code

Offer Terms

  • Promo code valid up to 14-days after entered
  • Must enter it by June 22, 2018 to get full 14-day redemption

5 thoughts on “Hurry! $2 Off 10 Rides OR $5 Off 2 Rides

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  2. I added the promo code and it says $2 off $10 rides. But also says 2 trips left? I didn’t use it. How did it go from 10 to 2.

    • Hmm, I see same thing in my account. Not sure what’s going on. Worst case scenario is just $2 of 2 rides.

  3. Huge thanks! I was able too add the promo and got the “Enjoy $2 off your next 10 rides” version, which is awesome.

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