ExxonMobil to Launch New Rewards Program and Match Plenti Points

Update 7/11/2018: The new Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program is now live. Read more about it here.

Update 7/9/2018: ExxonMobil has updated the website for their new rewards program. They note that the new program arrives on July 11th, 2018, the day after Plenti points expire. As they had previously stated, after the Plenti program ends, any unused points will be matched by Exxon and Mobil in the Rewards+ program.

Update 7/6/2018: Many people have already received their new EXXONMOBIL Rewards+ card, but it looks like you can’t register it online just yet. One reader in the comments below says that she was told it would become available in the next couple of days. It could just be when Plenti program officially ends, on July 10th.

The Plenti program is shutting down for good on July 10, 2018. For now you still have some options to use up your left over points, one of them being ExxonMobil. But even if you can’t use all your points by July 10, there might be a way out.

exxonmobil plenti

Exxon and Mobil will launch a new rewards program. They will match any unused Plenti points that you have in your accounts. To get matched to the new program, you must have shopped at an Exxon or Mobil station within the last 12 months of the program. There’s no details on this new program yet, so we do not know what it’s called or what the points structure will be. Hopefully you will still get a value of 1 cent per Plenti point.

Better yet, try to use up your Plenti points before July 10.


23 thoughts on “ExxonMobil to Launch New Rewards Program and Match Plenti Points

  1. I tried to register the rewards card to no avail a I’ll, tried calling but line stayed busy. I don’t know what else to try.

  2. I finally succeeded, but I had to go through an article on the rewards program written by DDG on May 7. Hit new rewards program in the article and it took me where I needed to be and the sign up was successful!

  3. Same problem, can’t open site, or find it. Then I tried called the 1-888 number, but can’t even get a ring, because it is an incomplete number — What is the + at the end of the reward?

  4. So how are we supposed to register this new rewards card that was sent in the mail? Is this a real rewards program or not?

  5. I talked on the phone earlier and they told me it should be fixed in a few days. But it looked like they weren’t sure exactly of what the card was. I’m hoping it will just fix itself on 7/10, but it is weird that they sent us a card that doesn’t work.

  6. I just received an EXXONMOBIL Rewards+ card. And was told to register on-line by clicking “Register my card button”. I can’t find any such button

    • I am trying to do the same thing and there is no button there. I tried calling and it just stays busy. I even tried to put the new card number on my app and it erased my old one and wont let me put the new one. So I don’t know what to do now?!?!?!?!

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