Sign Up For ‘Groupon Select’ ($4.99/Month), Get $5 Starbucks Gift Card

New Offer: New Select Members: Get $30 Groupon Bucks when you enroll today!

Update: Warning! Please read comments below. Looks like many people are having issues, especially when trying to cancel the service.

Groupon has launched a membership plan called Groupon Select. This is not a trial, you will be charged when you opt in, so make sure you really want to sign up first. It costs $4.99 a month and you get the following perks:

Groupon Select

  • Get an extra 25% off Local Groupons
  • Extra 10% off on tickets & events
  • Extra 10% off on Travel deals
  • Free shipping on most products. No minimium price exclusions.
  • Member-only discounts on premium merchants and national brands.

If you pay for an initial 6 month membership, you will get the first month free. That’s a limited time offer. Then you can also get a $5 Starbucks gift card for signing up. I don’t think you can sign up and pay for just one month. You can see the offer and sign up here.

Offer Terms

BeautyNow, Groupon+, and Marketplace deals are excluded. The maximum discount per transaction is $50. In addition, some merchants have asked to not have promotions apply to their deals, in which case you will see that your discount did not apply on the checkout page.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

I’m not sure if there’s much value here for the occasional shopper. There’s often discounts of 20% every few days and more rarely there’s 25% discount. I doubt those would stack with the 25% discount you get from the Groupon Select program. But if you do a lot of shopping on Groupon it should save you some money for sure. I’m skipping it for now, especially since Groupon+ is excluded.

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13 thoughts on “Sign Up For ‘Groupon Select’ ($4.99/Month), Get $5 Starbucks Gift Card

  1. well I didn’t agree to anything they said I accepted the terms which I know I didn’t because I don’t even have an email now I do have an email stating I did it I signed up when I didn’t even check my email yesterday 08/26/2019

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  3. I read the groupon select terms and it does state you get a free month if you sign up for 6 months, in the first 2 sentences. I haven’t signed up, nor do i have any affiliation with Groupon, I arrived at this website after googling if the membership was worth it, seems unfair to give steer other customers in the wrong direction because someone didn’t feel compelled to read the small print. lol. You should always read the fine print SPECIALLY, when something is being given free. You didn’t read it? your fault, don’t call it a scam.

    • I mentioned the 6 month requirement in the post, hopefully readers haven’t missed it. But looks like there’s some issues to cancel even after that period. Personally I have had good customer service from Groupon when I’e had issues with their deals, but I haven’t signed up for Groupon+.

  4. This Groupon select is a scam, they give you the first month for free like any other company, but they don’t let you cancel it until you end paying the first 6 months. They said that it is in the fine prints, but you won’t expect that you need to read them, coming from a company like Groupon. Many other companies will let you cancel during their trial time, but Groupon does not. They also promise you to get a 5 dollars Starbucks egiftcard when the first payment is made, but they are not clear enough to say that you’re 4.99 payment won’t count towards it. They don’t said anywhere there that it will be after the first order, or purchase, so that is another way why they are not being clear with this thing call “Groupon Select”

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Seems similar to other people who commented. I’ll add a warning in the article to help other readers. Let

    • Delete your card and call customer care to cancel it. or else wait for 6 months to completed and they will be cancel it. then delete groupon account.

  5. Having the same problem with Groupon Select. Very shady and they are extremely rude. I’m done with Groupon. I will send a letter to their Chicago Headquarters, however, I assume they will just send it to their shredder. The worst part is I can’t find the so called membership on my account so how am I supposed to cancel after 6 months. I’m afraid this will continue beyond that time. They won’t even give me the date that I supposedly authorized this. I have unlinked my credit card & my bank has credited back the $4.99 for this month. I’m hoping that stops them.

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