Plastiq Promo for New Users, 2% Fee For Rent Payments with Credit Card

Plastiq has a promotion for new users. If you sign up up for Plastiq you can  pay only 2% in fees for paying your rent with a credit card.

Plastiq Promo

Here’s how this promotions works:

  • Must be a new Plastiq user. Sign up here.
  • Schedule 6 Rent/Real Estate payments and you will only pay a 2% Plastiq fee on each payment. (Plastiq fee will be standard for any payments beyond the first 6.)
  • Use any card
  • The first payment must be submitted by May 31st at 11:59 PM Eastern

Here’s the categories for each card:

  • Mastercard = Any Rent/Real Estate payment
  • Discover = Any Rent/Real Estate payment
  • Visa = Personal Rent, Business Lease, HOA, but no Mortgage payments
  • Amex = Personal Rent, but no Business Lease, HOA, or Mortgage payments

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Using a credit card through Plastiq to pay your bills doesn’t always make sense. They usually charge a 2.5% fee for credit cards and 1% for debit cards. Plastiq is more about being an easy option than a profitable one. But, it could also be profitable sometimes, when they have promos with lower fees such as this one. There’s plenty of cards that earn 2X and some credit card rewards are worth more more 1 cent a piece. So you can net some cheap points or work your way towards a spending requirement for a credit card bonus. You do need to be a new user for this promotion, so if you were thinking of singing up for Plastiq, this could be a good time, especially if you have rent to pay.

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