[OOS] Staples: Get 20% Discount at Nike, Panera, Burger King, Regal, BWW and More

Staples has a discount on two gift cards, Dining Out and Teen’s Choice gift cards. These are gift cards that can be used at several merchants and you can buy them at a 20% discount.

Dining Out Gift Card

Use at any The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Panera Bread, Jamba Juice, Buffalo Wild Wings or Cold Stone Creamery location in the US.

Teen’s Choice Gift Card

Use at any Nike, Burger King, Dave & Buster’s, Jamba Juice, Cold Stone Creamery, Regal Cinemas or The Cheesecake Factory location in the US.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is a pretty good discount for personal use. The two gift cards can be used at a variety of merchants and I’m sure most people will find some of their favorites in there. I do not know if there’s a reselling market for these though. If they can be sold as Nike for example then there could be a small profit too. Don’t forget to use a Chase Ink Plus/Cash cards [5X Ultimate Rewards] or Amex SimplyCash [5% back].

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4 thoughts on “[OOS] Staples: Get 20% Discount at Nike, Panera, Burger King, Regal, BWW and More

  1. Personal use only apparently. No re-sale market that I could find…. I’d be shocked if one could sell them as a Nike card…. no? Who puts these two “discount” cards out? Nice in concept, but suspect….

    • found fine print under “choicecards.com” indicating these two products originate with Blackhawk Networks. (parent of giftcards.com, etc.) As such, they should be good/reliable for personal use. But unlike say Brinker cards, there’s not one parent merchant company putting these cards out. As such, rather doubt that they can be re-sold under individual brand gc’s (like Nike). be happy to be shown differently.

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