New American Express Centurion Lounge at Denver International Airport

American Express has a small network of Centurion Lounges in the United States and across the world. American Express opened its first Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport back in March 2013. Since then they have added additional Centurion Lounge locations at airports in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Hong Kong, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle. There is also a Centurion Lounge at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Access to The Centurion Lounge is complimentary for global Platinum Card and Centurion Members. They can also bring up to two guests at no additional charge. All other Card Members with a valid Amex Credit or Charge Card are eligible to purchase access to the Lounge for $50 per day, subject to space availability.

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New Centurion Lounge at Denver International Airport

Today, American Express announced that it will open a new Centurion Lounge, the 10th US Centurion Lounge location and 11th overall, at Denver International Airport. There were some rumors already about the new lounge but now there’s official confirmation. The new Centurion Lounge will open in 2019 and will be located in the Concourse C Mezzanine. Anyone transiting through Denver will be able to access the lounge, regardless of what airline they’re flying or concourse their flight is departing from or arriving at. Denver is a busy airport, so this should come in handy for many frequent flyers, making stopovers more enjoyable.

The new lounge will span more than 14,000 square feet, making it the second-largest announced Centurion Lounge, and will offer “sweeping views of the airfield” and lots of natural light, according to American Express.

In addition to the same amenities as every other location, Amex has teased that there will be “special amenities and design elements unique” to the Denver lounge, but didn’t provide further details. The leaked plans filed with the city state that the lounge will feature a “tranquility area,” something that past lounges haven’t had. The plans also confirm that there will be spa and wellness services.

“Airport lounge access is one of our Platinum Card® Members’ favorite benefits, with our Card Members’ global lounge visits increasing 30 percent year over year,” said Josh McKay, vice president and general manager, Global Benefits and Services, American Express. “We are thrilled to share our plans to bring one of our signature Centurion Lounges to the Denver International Airport, as Denver is one of the top airports our premium Card Members travel through. In just the past year we’ve seen a 36 percent increase in air travel through Denver among U.S. Premium Card Members booking through American Express Travel in this market alone.”

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Centurion Lounges are a great perk for premium Amex cards that make travel much more enjoyable. Instead of sitting in the waiting area, you can enjoy some food, spa services or wine tasting in the Centurion lounge. Platinum cards scare people away with hefty annual fees between $450 and $550, but using the Centurion lounge benefit among others, can provide far more value for frequent  travelers and a more enjoyable travel experience. This new lounge at Denver International Airport and the one coming to JFK will add some value to those Platinum cards.

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