Apply For Old Chase IHG Card for Possible Unrestricted Anniversary Night

Chase released the IHG Rewards Club Premier Card today. It has been talked about for a while now. It comes with a 80,000 points bonus, a free anniversary night on up to 40K hotels and a $89 annual fee. The old Chase IHG card was better and it is still available. However it is not clear if the anniversary free night will be restricted or not. It still has a lesser annual fee of $49 so that should automatically give you some savings compared to the new card.

old chase ihg link

Today might be the last day to apply as April 5th have been mentioned as a date by Chase reps. The date has been mentioned in connection with anniversary free night being converted from unrestricted to only eligible hotels up to 40,000 points/night. This Chase rep gave the following explanation: “Accounts opened between 1/1/18 and 4/5/18, will not see this change for the first year.” Here’s another confirmation on reddit. However that has been contradicted by other Chase reps. So we do not know for sure if it will be honored if you apply today.

Application & Bonus

DoC wrote earlier today about the two bonuses available for the old Chase IHG card.

  • 80,000 points + $50 You should be able to see if you’re targeted by logging into your IHG account and checking here if you’re eligible. You need to do a dummy booking to get the extra $50
  • There’s also a public offer for just 60,000 points + $50. You can apply through this link and then ask to get matched to the 80K offer.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

If you want this card then I don’t see a reason to not apply for the old card first. You might get an unrestricted anniversary free night which is much more valuable, a lower annual fee and you have the possibility to apply for the new card as well later on.

Let me know what you think.


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