Instant Discount on MasterCard Gift Cards at Office Depot & OfficeMax (4/1-4/7/18)

Office Depot and OffixeMax have a new gift cards deal starting this Sunday, 4/1/2018. The promotion, which you can find on their ad here, will give you an instant discount of $10 when you purchase $300 or more in MasterCard gift cards. These offers are a good opportunity to earn Ultimate Rewards points if you have any of their locations nearby. MasterCard gift cards have an activation fee, but during these promotions, they become more affordable. There’s a limit of 1 discounted offer per transaction, but in most locations you should be able to do multiple transactions.

office depot mastercard deal

Offer Terms

  • Offer Valid April 1-7, 2018
  • Limit 1 discounted offer per transaction.
  • Discount applied at register.
  • Offer valid in-store only on Mastercard® Gift Cards.
  • Product not available in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Mastercard® International.

Maximizing The Offer

Office Depot and OfficeMax sell $200 MasterCard gift cards that have an activation fee of $6.95. To get the $10 instant discount, you need to spend at least $300. To maximize credit card rewards, it’s best to purchase two $200 MasterCard gift cards, which will cost you $413.90. Take off $10 at the register and you’re paying just $403.90. You’re losing out on $3.90 but let’s look at the possible rewards and other deals you can stack.

If you have a Chase Ink Plus or Chase Ink Cash card, you would earn 2,019 Ultimate Rewards points. You can also use a Amex SimplyCash Plus Business Card which earns 5% cashback at office supply stores as well. That would give you $20.19 in cashback. However Chase Ink Plus/Cash would be my choices as UR points are more valuable than cash and Amex has been cracking down on gift card purchases.

Also check out this Visa SavingsEdge offer that gives you 10% on your next purchase at Office Depot made with an eligible Visa Business card for a maximum earn of $5 per enrolled card.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This is not the best deal we see from Office Depot and OfficeMax. The discount is only $10 and you have to deal with MasterCard gift cards which are harder to offload. But it could be worth it if you have a location nearby. It’s a rare opportunity to earn more Ultimate Rewards as many 5X avenues have been drying up.



4 thoughts on “Instant Discount on MasterCard Gift Cards at Office Depot & OfficeMax (4/1-4/7/18)

  1. Metabank cards are no problem at WM, but I can’t seem to make the MasterCard GC work at WM. Error syas form of payment not accepted. Any ideas?
    Thank you

    • I don’t think there’s a solution with the new systems they installed as far as i know. I haven’t tried in a while though since i don’t have a Wal-Mart nearby.

  2. Harder to off load, please esplain this. I have a Fred Meyer by me …. will this work for M.O.? Anyone, anyone…..Bueller

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