Up To 17.5% Off iTunes Gift Cards at Costco, Plus Stacking Options

Costco is selling discounted iTunes gift cards. These cards are usually discounted by up to 7.5%, but thanks to an extra discount right now, it gets much better. Here’s the offers:

  • $200 iTunes gift cards for $164.99
  • $100 iTunes gift cards for $84.49
  • $25 iTunes gift cards for $21.49

The $200 gift cards will get you the best discount at 17.5% off.

Discounted iTunes Gift Cards

Offer Terms

  • Limit of 2 per member per denomination.
  • Valid 3/25/18 through 3/31/18

Guru’s Wrap-Up

You need a membership in order to get the discount. With their more expensive Gold Star Executive membership, you also earn 2% cashback. In-store you can only use Visa cards, but online you can also use Mastercard or Discover, and the latter will earn you 5% cashback this quarter with Discover It. There’s also a promotion from Visa Checkout till March 28th that can save you $50 when you spend $250 at Costco.com. Visa Checkout promotion ended early and it’s no longer available.


2 thoughts on “Up To 17.5% Off iTunes Gift Cards at Costco, Plus Stacking Options

  1. wow, quite a stack catch. thanks for the detail. Appears though that the visa checkout promo is “no longer available.” Going forward, this costco gc deal at last impresses upon me the utility of a Costco membership — and will watch for the next round of new member promos. 😉 (didn’t find any currently?)

    • I’ve posted these Costco iTunes deals often. When there’s 5X opportunities especially, they’re pretty good. I do post Costco membership offers also, but don;t think there’s any right now.

      And thanks for heads up on expired Visa Checkout offer. I guess lots of people used it since it only lasted 1 day.

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