Hilton Devalues Program, A Third of Category 1 Hotels Increase in Price

Hilton removed award charts last year and promised that maximum rates on award night wouldn’t be raised. Removal of award charts is always worrying because it’s difficult to keep track of the overall trend of rate changes. After the award chart was dropped, Hilton stopped releasing updates on rate changes, so the only way to know if a hotel got more affordable or expensive was to just keep an eye on the rates of that specific hotel. You can check rates here for any Hilton hotel.

Hilton Devalues Program

It seems that Hilton has quietly increased rates on many of its most affordable hotels. View from the Wing reports that a third of the hotels available a year ago at 5000 points are now more expensive. Most of them now cost 10,000 points a night but there’s also a case of the rate going up six fold, The Hampton Inn Columbus-Airport will now cost you 30,000 points.

It’s difficult to keep track of all the changes and Hilton should at least provide updates on hotels moving categories. Customers often plan ahead and carefully collect points with a plan in mind. But those plans are out the window if you find out all of a sudden that the rate has double or tripled on a hotel where you were planning to stay. That’s a drastic change and this could definitely called a devaluation of a program that already has some of the least valuable points.

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