$15 Moneymaker… Swagbucks Dollar Shave Club Offer is Back

Swagbucks Dollar Shave Club offer is back. Enjoy 100% satisfaction with a Dollar Shave Club starter set for $5. It comes with Dollar Shave Club’s best razor, three amazing grooming products in trial sizes, and a money-back guarantee. Start today & earn 2,000 SB. Stay subscribed & earn an additional 1,500 SB! You can skip that second part of the offer.

Link to offer

Swagbucks Dollar Shave Club Offer

Offer Terms

  • Must use email address that is associated with your Swagbucks account
  • Initial 2,000 SB will appear as Pending for 3 days.
  • Must stay subscribed past 2 months for additional 1,500 SB to award.
  • Swagbucks members will only be awarded (1) one time per user for the offer that is completed.
  • Members will not be eligible to receive SB on this offer if a previous Dollar Shave Club offer was completed via Swagbucks, or for any future Dollar Shave Club offers on Swagbucks once this offer has been completed.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This could be an easy $15 moneymaker if you’ve never done a Swagbucks Dollar Shave Club offer in the past. The Dollar Shave Club starter costs only $5 and you receive 2,000 SB, which are worth $20. Don’t do the second part of the offer. 1,500 SB are not worth staying subscribed past 2 months.

If you don’t have Swagbucks account, there’s a $13 signup bonus this month. You can signup with me referral here.


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