Increased Signup Bonuses On Amex Cards (YMMV)

American Express has a lifetime restriction on credit card sign-up bonuses meaning that you can only get a sign-up bonus on a specific credit card only once.  This means that you should wait for one of the best bonuses when applying for an Amex card. Right now there’s some increased signup bonuses on Amex cards, with some of them matching the highest bonuses we’ve seen.

Increased Signup Bonuses On Amex Cards

Increased Signup Bonuses On Amex Cards

  • Personal Platinum card – 75,000 Membership Rewards Offer
  • Personal SPG card – 30,000 Starpoints Offer
  • Everyday card – 25,000 Membership Rewards Offer
  • Blue Cash Everyday – $200 Offer
  • Blue Cash Preferred $450 Offer ($250+ 10% Back At Restaurants)
  • Premier Rewards Gold card –  50,000 Membership Rewards Offer

How To Get These Offers

To get these offers to show, visit the American Express website in private/incognito mode. You can follow these steps:

  1. Clear cache and history in your browser
  2. Go to Amex website in incognito mode
  3. Find one the best ever offers above and click it
  4. From there  click Cards > All Personal Charge & Credit Cards option at the top
  5. Then check for other increased offers

You can also just try going to personal cards at the bottom of the page without logging in and see if any offers pop up. If you are having trouble getting an increased offer to show up, try different devices and browsers. There’s really no set path to success on how to get these offers to show up. Best bet is to try over and over.

There’s also the VPN method which “changes” your location and could show different offers, but it might also trigger a fraud alert in some cases. There’s a few reports of Amex requesting proof of address when you apply through this method. Read more here.

Use Caution With Amex

American Express has been tough on MS recently. They have clawed back points on MR earning cards when applying through leaked links. Although these are not really leaked links, I would suggest to try and meet the minimum spend requirement organically, especially on MR earning cards.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

It’s always good to check when these incognito offers show up and hopefully you see some of the best ever bonuses. Let me know if you see any other bonuses besides the ones mentioned above.

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