Target Deactivating Gift Cards Purchased During 10% Promo On 12/3

Target has a great deal about a week ago with a discount of 10% on its own gift cards. When combined with 5% from the Discover it card, this was an even better deal, but with any credit card really, it was still a deal that many people went after. While the limit was just $300 online and in stores, in the latter, you were able to buy much larger quantities since there was really no way to keep track on a person’s volume for the day. I’m sure there’s many people out there who purchased well into the 5 digits (did anyone break into 6 digits?).

Target Deactivating Gift Cards

There was word that Target would start deactivating gift cards for those who did very large amounts of purchases, and that has now started to happen. For in-store purchases they will probably look at volume purchased with same credit card, so hopefully some of you broke up the purchases between a few cards. Online, they could track address or maybe IP.

The same thing happened last year as well, but it might be worse this time. Definitely check the balances on your cards and see if any purchases were refunded from Target. It could be a major headache for those who bought a large number of cards.

Let me know if you’ve been affected.


4 thoughts on “Target Deactivating Gift Cards Purchased During 10% Promo On 12/3

  1. I bought 13K total, $300 of that online. Already found 2 deactivated cards, but haven’t gone through all of them yet.

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