Staples, 33% Off Jiffy Lube Gift Cards With Amex Offer

Staples is selling discounted Jiffy Lube git cards. The offer itself is not really special since we often see these gift cards discounted, but you can stack it with the Staples Amex Offer that gives you a $20 statement credit when you spend $100 online.

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Jiffy Lube Gift Cards

You can purchase three $50 gift cards for $120 and you will receive a $20 statement credit from the Amex Offer. That’s $150 worth of gift cards for $100, a 33% discount. And you earn 2x if you have the extra MR point at Staples Amex Offer, so you get 300 points.

Guru’s Wrap-Up

Not the best offer we have seen for Staples but could be a good use for your Amex Offer. We might see better gift card offers in the near future though, and you have till 1/15/2018 to use up your Staples Amex Offers.


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  1. i did not know you could use these for gift cards, online cards and by mail GC’s? thanks for all you do, Danny, love this site!

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