Newegg, 10% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards Plus 3% Back Through VSE

Newegg is selling Lowe’s $100 Gift Cards (Digital Delivery) for $90. That’s a 10% discount. This is a two day sale that expires this Wednesday, 10/18/2017. There’s no promo code required, since discount is already shown on the page. There’s a limit of 1 per account.

Lowe's Gift Cards

Guru’s Wrap-Up

At Newegg you also get 3% through Visa SavingsEdge if you have a Visa Business Card such as Chase Ink cards. That will give you a decent discount for personal use, or a very small profit is possible depending on your reselling relationship. You could also try a shopping portal, but I believe they haven’t been tracking recently.


6 thoughts on “Newegg, 10% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards Plus 3% Back Through VSE

  1. Kudos to you DDG — you caught this deal 3 Days ago. (all the other sites I followed missed it — and promoted it this morning, as if it was a new deal, 3 days after its appearance — when it was by today, already OOS)

      • 🙂 (I’m learning) PS, happens I do get the newegg daily promos in my inbox, though I rarely take the time to go through them to sort/catch the deals. Yet I did go back and find the promo for the Lowe’s deal in one of those messages — from 3 days ago. However you found it, you did well for your regular readers. (I’ll be among them going forward)

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