OfficeMax/Office Depot Pulls Lucrative Gift Card Deal

Office Depot had a great deal that started on 4/2 and was supposed to last till 4/15. You could get a discount of $10 instantly on purchases of $50 or more of select gift cards, Mastercard gift cards included. Buying $100 for $85.95 is clearly going to attract a lot of people and apparently way more than Office Depot anticipated. Looks like they have pulled the deal just after 3 days, just as reader Mimi warned in the previous post and as MtM confirms today.

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Signs have been pulled in most stores and the discount is not being triggered when purchasing the qualifying gift cards.

I didn’t make a single purchase during this promotion since the closest Office Depot is out in Union NJ, about an hour away, and I was hoping it would last through the weekend.

Did you jump on this promotion? Have you tried making a purchase today? Let me know in the comments.


13 thoughts on “OfficeMax/Office Depot Pulls Lucrative Gift Card Deal

  1. I didn’t know anything about it the offer getting pulled early last week but I was just in OfficeMax this morning buying this week’s deal (4/9-4/15 instant $15 off of at least $300 in Visa gift cards) and was told by the cashier that they are pulling this week’s offer a day early. According to him It Ends Tonight rather than tomorrow. Can they do this?! Strange that they do it two weeks in a row…..

    • It’s confirmed this offer is ending tonight. Last week’s offer was $20 off $100 or more MCGCs, it was more profitable but they also ended it abruptly way before the end date of 4/15. To answer your question, yes, they reserve the right to end a promo according to their discretion.

  2. The deal is confirmed at OD/OM. Check yours before the stocks run out OR they end the deal prematurely.

    • I’m referring to the $15 off $300 or more Visa GC offer, not the MCGC offer which is dead in all stores now.

    • the manager at my go-to OD told me this offer will end tonight, not tomorrow. For those waiting for the weekend, shop now or tomorrow it’s over.

  3. there’s nothing in the ad about a promotion starting Sunday. aren’t those $15 off $300 deals always in the ad?

  4. Don’t fret, I read the $15 off $300 VGC offer will be back starting this Sunday. The MCGC offer was a lot more lucrative but it had more issues although all cards I bought were drained immediately w/o problems. I like this forthcoming VGC deal where I buy two $200 VGCs (I buy the 5Bs) to squeeze a little bit more from it buying VGCs at Lowes. The 5Bs have higher fees compared to the other VGCs but it can be offset with the $10 cashback I’ll be getting from them. Get ready folks and this time do NOT procrastinate and be the early birds : )

      • there are reports those who have seen the ad this Sunday don’t find it there.

        as for me, I’ll visit the store and if the ad is on top of their GC racks, I know the deal is on.

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