Free 90-Day Membership Or 50% Off 1-Year Membership At BJ’s Plus Coupon

BJ’s usually has discounts for their basic membership called the Inner Circle, which costs $50 a year. Right now you can sign up for free for 90 days, or a full year membership for just half the price. There’s also a coupon available that can get you some extra savings.

Free 90-Day Membership

Get your free 90-Day BJ’s Membership now through the end of June 2017. You can sign up here. You’ll have full access as a paying member. This is a great way to check out the club, without having to pay anything. You can sign up online and pick up your membership in-club.

They claim to save you up to 25% off grocery store prices. They also sell gift cards and sometimes have deals on electronics.

One-Year Membership For $25

As mentioned above, an Inner Circle one year membership costs $50. But, you can sign up through a referral and receive a $25 BJ’s gift card.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete the form (my referral) and click GO to register.
  • Open your new BJ’s Membership.
  • Use your Membership and you’ll receive a $25 BJ’s Gift Card

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There’s also other similar deals that come around often that can save you even more as they come with some coupons besides a $20 or $25 gift card.

BJ’s also has a Perks Rewards membership that gives you 2% back on most in-Club and purchases, which could make more sense for those who plan to do lots of shopping at BJ’s. It costs $100 per year, so you need to spend $2,500 per year to make up the price difference.

$5 Off $50+ Coupon

You can also use this coupon for some extra savings.

bj's membership

You need to print it and use it by 6/30/2017. Excludes gasoline, tabacco, alcohol and vacations.

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