Acorns Adds Zappos To ‘Found Money’ Rewards Program

Acorns has added Zappos as a partner to their Found Money rewards program. When you shop at using an Acorns-linked card, they’ll invest 3% of the purchase price into your Acorns account.

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If you’re not familiar with Acorns, it is an app that links with your bank account and credit cards, rounding up daily purchases and automatically investing the ‘change’ into a diversified portfolio of ETFs. The idea is to create an easy path into the stock market for younger, new investors, removing common entry barriers such as high fees and buy in prices.

Acorns has also a rewards program called “Found Money,” which will give you bonus investment cash when you shop at partners. Besides Zappos, you’ll also earn at Jet, Airbnb, Boxed, Hotel Tonight, Hulu and more.

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It’s a well designed app that simplifies the information. To get started you download Acorns from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Going through my referral link will get us both $5, or you can just use the referral code FHDY2W. You have to enter some personal information such as name, address, birthday, income, SSN etc. Once you have your account you then link your bank account and credit cards.account, link your bank accounts and credit cards. This will be done instantly for most major banks.

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