Plastiq Adds Referral Program, Fee Free Spending

In case you didn’t know, Plastiq has a referral program. Instead of giving you a bonus per referral, they will give you a set amount of dollars that you can send, using a credit card, fee free.

For every person who registers with Plastiq via your referral link and makes a payment of at least $20, you’ll get 400 Fee-Free Dollars and that person will get 200 Fee-Free Dollars. Fee-free dollars (FFDs) correspond to how much money you can send via Plastiq without any fees. FFDs may be applied to individual or recurring payments via the payment review screen.

Please note that if you don’t use or earn FFDs for 90 days, your balance will be reset to zero. Also read more about FFDs here.

If you don’t have an account, you need to sign up with a referral in order to get the 200 FFDs. You can use my referral link, that’d be greatly appreciated. If you already have an account with Plastiq, then you can find your own referral in the top right menu.

Plastiq Referrals.png

You’re welcome to post your referrals in the comments below. But please also help us out by sharing this post or the home page of the blog on Twitter or other social media and put the link of the shared post in the website field of the comments form.

I haven’t used Plastiq recently, but they do run promos from time to time where they lowers their processing fees. It is a good option to have if you need to do some minimum spend for a small fee, or for free if you acquire enough referrals. I’ve previously written about them and one quirky request they had for a reader who signed up.


26 thoughts on “Plastiq Adds Referral Program, Fee Free Spending

  1. Great tip, I am in the same boat as many of you trying to meet min spend. Got the Chase Ink Preferred and AMEX SPG recently and trying to finish meeting min spend. I used Plastiq and my mortgage payment went thru in 5 days (even though they indicated 7 days). There is huge bonus from Plastiq lately to use for your minimum spend requirements by using it to pay for your mortgage. You can get $500 FFD (as May 25, 2017). I have been using it as last resort to meet the min spend. Appreciate if readers also using my link please.

    Referral code 648844

  2. Currently Plastiq is running a promo where you will earn $400 in fee-free dollars after making at least $20 in payment. I have recently tried out using the credit card and it works pretty smoothly.

    If anyone interested in signing up, you can use my referral link, the promo runs until April 28.

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  4. Thank you for using my link :

    Plastiq is an awesome, legit way to pay your bills with a credit card.
    I have been paying my rent, auto loand and student for months through Plastiq and never had an issue. There is a 2.5% fee … but the beauty of the referral system, is you get $200 Fee Free Dollars when you click this link and make a $20 (or more) purchase. You can then refer others, and get even more FFD, which reduces that 2.5%! Everybody wins!

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