Android Pay Will Drop “Grandfathered” Google Wallet Cards On 10/14

When Android Pay, Google’s mobile payment service, was first released, those who were using Google Wallet previously were allowed to switch over their credit cards even if the bank wasn’t supported. But starting October 14, if the card you’re using is still not part of the list of Android Pay supported banks, you won’t be able to use them anymore.

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Google does not give a reason at all for the change. According to a communication to users, Google said:

“When we launched Android Pay, we wanted to make sure you could continue using this card since you used it to tap and pay with the old Google Wallet. However, we were only able to support this for a limited time. We’ll let you know if VISA‑XXXX can be used with Android Pay again in the future.”

This could be a problem for Android Pay users who are not affiliated with a supported bank, even though now the service supports major banks such as Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Discover or Wells Fargo. You can check out the list of Android Pay supported banks and institutions here.

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3 thoughts on “Android Pay Will Drop “Grandfathered” Google Wallet Cards On 10/14

  1. Does this change only affect the use of the card for paying with your phone, or also the use of payment cards to send money to other people with a google wallet – which can be done on a desktop or laptop computer, without a phone ?

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