Chime Card Offering $10 Referral & Sign-Up Bonus

The Chime card was promising when it first came out, but it’s rarely mentioned nowadays. I guess they’re trying to change that, by bringing back the $10 referral bonus that they were offering last year. However, this time around it is targeted, so it won’t show on all accounts. To see if your account was targeted, just log in and click “Invite Friends” at the bottom of the left hand menu. There’s also another referral offer that’s showing up in my account, for double savings when you refer a friend.

Back in Chime Prepaid Card became a full featured Chime Deposit account. Read more about that here. Chime offers deals similar to Amex Offers, but not as good.

$10 Referral Bonus For Both Parties


Invite your friends to Chime and get rewarded. When they open a Chime spending account with your unique invite link, Chime will give you and your friends $10 each when they make an opening deposit of $200 or more before September 30, 2016. If you don;t have a Chime account, you can sign up here. You can make the opening deposit by direct deposit, bank ACH transfer, or external debit card transfer.

There’s a limit of $500.00 in referral rewards per calendar year. (HT: DoC)

2x your Automatic Savings bonuses

Spending Account   Chime.jpeg

Invite a friend to Chime and when they open a Spending Account, we’ll double all of your Automatic Savings bonuses for September. Referral reward will be paid by October 7th.

The only reward that I see in my account right now is for Hulu, spend $5 get $1 back.


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