Godiva Chocolatier FACTA Settlement, ~$235 Rebate

Plaintiff claims that Godiva willfully violated FACTA by printing credit card and debit card transaction receipts at certain of its stores in the United States that included more than the last 5 digits of the credit or debit card number, between April 6, 2013, and November 20, 2015. Both sides agreed to this settlement. That way, they avoid the risk and cost of a trial, and the Settlement Class members will receive compensation.

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Who’s Eligible

The Settlement Class is defined as:

(i) All persons in the United States (ii) who, when making payment at a Godiva retail store located in the United States, (iii) made such payment using a credit or debit card (iv) and for whom Godiva printed a point-of-sale receipt (v) which displayed more than the last 5 digits of the credit or debit card (vi) between April 6, 2013, and November 20, 2015.


Godiva will pay the total amount of $6,300,000 which will cover cash payments to Settlement Class Members and all other fees which might be a little over $2 million.

The estimated amount of the cash award (while dependent upon the number of claims) may be around $235. This is an estimate only. The final cash payment amount may be higher or lower than $235 and will depend on the total number of valid and timely claims submitted by Settlement Class Members. Very rarely you get more than what the estimate is and often you receive much less.


Settlement Details


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