Staples Limits Quantity Of eGCs To 3 Per Order

Staples has put a limit to the number of electronic gift cards. There’s now a limit of 3 per order, even though there’s still the option to add as many as 10 on the product page. If you try to add more than 3 of any type of eGC, you will receive the following error:

Sorry, an error has occurred
The quantity requested for eBay Gift Card $200 (Email Delivery) is greater than the allowable order maximum. Please adjust the quantity below to be no greater than 3.

The limit applies to specific gift cards, so you can still buy three $100 eBay gift cards and three $200 eBay gift cards in the same order. It’s actually not specified if the limit is per day or per order, but I don’t need any gift cards right now, so I didn’t test it out.

Staples limits gift cards.jpeg

The new limits don’t apply to physical gift cards (which come with an extra $1.99 fee for merchant gift cards) as long as you keep the gift card total under $2,000 per day.

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