Starts Selling $300 VGCs

This is a nice development from, they have started selling $300 Visa gift cards online. With the increased denomination, comes an increased fee as well, but it is still a better price than the $200 VGC option.
The fees are $8.95 per card ($7.95 Purchase Fee + $1.00 Shipping Fee), making the cost of the card $308.95.

Here’s a look at the math, if you’re looking to buy the daily max amount of $2,000 that’s allowed by Staples.

  • 6 x $300 VGCs ($8.95 fee) and 1 x $200 VGC ($6.95 fee) = $2,000 in gift cards and $60.65 in fees
  • 10 x $200 VGCs ($6.95 fee) = $2,000 in gift cards and $69.50 in fees

So for $2,000 in Visa gift cards you’ll end up paying about $9 less… and less is always great news. If you’re paying with any of your Chase Ink cards [5X Ultimate Rewards] or Amex SimplyCash [5% back]. It’s a nice way of earning UR points at about 0.6 cents per point.

It would be amazing if these $300 VGCs started appearing in stores as well. This would make those Staples Rebates deals much better, since they usually require a minimum of $300 in gift card purchases. Just wishful thinking, but hey, we’re allowed to dream.


2 thoughts on “ Starts Selling $300 VGCs

  1. It would be nice if these $300 appears in both Visa and MC versions for MIR purposes. Right now, I buy 2 $200’s plus $13.90 fees to qualify for the rebate. It’s still profitable after MIR and 5x Ink pts. but more profits is always welcome.

  2. I was denied by Chase and Amex. Any other card that you recommend? I have Discover Miles and It as well as Barclays and Citi cards. Thanks.

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