Discover Deals, 10% Cash Back At Sears (Doubled to 20%)

[DEAD] Discover Deals is one of the best cash back portals out there, but now they have brought back the 10% cash back at Sears and Kmart. The rate increase will be in effect until 12/31. To access Discover Deals you need to have a Discover card.

Sears Discover Deals

You can apply for the Discover It card ($50 bonus after first purchase, doubled) to access Discover Deals and also enter the Double Cash Back promotion, that doubles all your awards.

The card also comes with rotating 5% quarterly categories. This makes the rate increase for Sears especially, very valuable. Just by going through the Discover Deals and paying with you enrolled Discover card, you get 15% and then it’s doubled to 30% at the end of the promotion year. If you buy Sears gift cards, they can be sold for 84% at Saveya, code only or physical card.

I previously wrote about how to take advantage of Discover’s 3rd quarter bonus categories and Sears is a bonus category in the fourth quarter again. There’s potential for up to 50% cash back.

Also don’t forget the other great benefit of the Discover It card, the Apple Pay promo that is going on until the end of the year.


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