eBay, $100 Lowe’s Gift Cards for $90 (Limit 5)

If you have any big purchases planned at Lowe’s then, check out this deal on eBay that will get you a 10% discount on $100 denominations. Purchases are limited to 5 per buyer, so you can get a total of $500 worth in Lowe’s gift cards for $450.

$100 Lowe's Gift Cards for $90

Find all of the available discounted gift cards here (affiliate link)

Guru’s Wrap-Up

A decent offer, but only worth it for personal use. Don’t forget to use a credit card that will get you at least 2% back in rewards. Also check if your Lowe’s is one of the stores that’s closing, as they might have some clearance discounts.

M1 Finance $50 Bonus

2 thoughts on “eBay, $100 Lowe’s Gift Cards for $90 (Limit 5)

    • so too is the mygiftcardsplus deal (modestly)….. Curiously, they still have Lowe’s cards in stock at MGCPlus — yet the ebay deal is already sold out. (3.7k sold)

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